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Independent theatre company Profilteatern was formed in 1984. Since 1999 the company has had its venue at the former military base of Umeå, today a business park called Umestan.

Profilteatern plays for theatre-goers of all ages: children, teenagers and adults, who can enjoy our productions in Umeå, on tour in Sweden, and occasionally also abroad. For the last ten years we have almost exclusively commissioned plays, or had foreign plays translated for our use. This is a great and rewarding challenge, and we intend to continue working with plays never before performed in Sweden.

As an independent, professional theatre company we aim to work as a collective. Profilteatern is today run by seven members, all with equal responsibility over repertoire, economy and other activities arranged by the company. We want our productions to be complex, with each artistic element of the play contributing to the final, often very visual, result. We always use original music in our productions. Profilteatern has a feministic perspective when choosing plays, and during the work process.

With inspiration from many different directions we keep our curiosity and passion for theatre alive!


This is an introductory page to Profilteatern. Please contact us for further information on our plays, our staff and our company.